Next Society Auction

after the Annual General Meeting.

Here are some of the items previously sold at the auction, but please note this auction is MEMBERS ONLY.
If you are not a member and wish to attend,

All sales incur  buyer's and seller's premiums of 7.5% as a donation to the Society.



Forte-Piccolo cylinder box, 8 airs, 6 bells, with tune sheet 

Cylinder musical box serial 1180, 8 airs, keywind

Langdorff cylinder box 13853 8 airs lever wind

Nicole Freres cylinder box 28196 8 airs keywind

Symphonion 7 5/8" disc musical box in rare Roccocco case with discs


4 Musical photos albums, (1 without music)

Cabinet roller organ with 10 cobs

English 14 note organette with 10 tunes

Rollmonica with 10 rolls

Atlas/Amorette organette with 10 discs

Draper orchestral organette with 10 tunes


Polyphon disc, 19 5/8”, 1 off.

Polyphon discs 15 1/2", 2 ofPolyphon discs 11", 20 off in lockable case

Polyphon 9 1/2", 10 off

Polyphon discs, 8 1/8”, 4 off.

Edelweiss/Helvetia disc, 12”, 1 off.

Symphonion discs, 11 7/8”, 5 offSymphonion discs 10 5/8" 12 off

Wooden storage box and 3 x 19" Symphonion discs

Orphenion disc, 10 ¾”, 1 off.

Organette annulus, Phoenix 24 note, 2 off



Church and Chamber Barrel Organs by Langwill and Boston. Signed by Langwill.

Musical Boxes by David Tallis. Signed by Tallis.

The Disc Musical Box Handbook by Graham Webb. Signed by Webb.

The Cylinder Musical Box Handbook by Graham Webb. Signed by Webb.

Musical Boxes by John Clark.

From Music Boxes to Street Organs by R deWaard.

Barrel Organ by Arthur Ord-Hume. Signed by Ord-Hume.

Clockwork Music by Arthur Ord-Hume. Signed by Ord-Hume.

Collecting Musical Boxes by Arthur Ord-Hume.

The Mechanics of Mechanical Music by Arthur Ord-Hume.

Silver Anniversary Collection. Selected articles from the MBSI.

Mechanical Singing Birds by Peter Schuhknecht. Signed by Schuhknecht.

Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q David Bowers. Signed by Bowers.

Put Another Nickel In by Q David Bowers.

Curious History of Musical Boxes by Mosoriak.

Automata and Mechanical Toys by Mary Hillier.

Les Automates by Eliane Maingot.

Automata by Alfred Chapuis and Edmond Droz.

Au Temps des Boites a Musique, by Rausser, Bonhote and Baud.

Musical Boxes & other Musical Marvels - MBSI

Treasures of Mechanical Music by Q David Bowers