Musical Box Repair and Restoration


We receive a lot of requests for advice on repair or restoration projects. Much irreparable damage can be caused to a musical box or other mechanical instrument by well-meaning but inexperienced amateurs, even with an engineering background, often rendering the piece unplayable and valueless. If you are tempted to embark on a repair project, please seek advice beforehand. We can advise you as to what is safe to tackle and what is better left to the experts. Where appropriate, we can put you in touch with someone who can mentor you through a project, or suggest a ‘professional’ better qualified to carry out the work on your behalf. No amount of information on the internet or in books can compete with personal experience or specialist training! Please don’t risk destroying for ever an historic item.

Some well known restorers of musical boxes

John Cowderoy Antiques Ltd

Musical Box Sales & Restoration
42 South Street
BN21 4XB
Tel: 01323 720058


Max Plummer

Musical Box Restoration
(Bristol UK)
Tel: 0117 9701631


Stephen T. P. Kember Ltd 

2 Rameslie House 
61 Cinque Port Street
TN31 7AN
01797 225989: Mobile 07850 358067                                                                                



The appearance of any name listed on this web site does not in any way imply endorsement, approval or recommendation of that person or company and their services by the editor of this web site or by the Musical Box Society of Great Britain. Visitors must satisfy themselves as to the ability of the person or company to serve or supply them.

Vincent Freeman Antiques

Specialists in 19th Century Music Boxes
1 Camden Passage
N1 8EA
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7226 6178


Nancy Fratti Music Boxes

PO BOX 400
New York
13032-0400 USA
Buy/Sell Cylinder and Disc Musical Boxes - Restoration Supplies - Discs


Michel Bourgoz/Musee Baud






The Music Box Restorer - Mr James Preddy
01451 862013: 07930 090753