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Four times a year the Musical Box Society of Great Britain publishes its internationally acclaimed journal, The Music Box. Each full-colour edition of 40 – 44 pages features a wide variety of topics, such as instruments of specific or novel interest, research, collecting tips, and restoration techniques and projects, many by world-recognised experts in their respective field. It also carries news about Society current events (meetings, visits, auctions, etc.), international mechanical music events, collections, museums and other places of interest, as well as news from other mechanical music organisations, many of them overseas.

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Extracts from more recent articles are shown below:-

Early Polyphon Duplex Design
by Roy and Dennis Evett
(Winter 2007)
Recently a strange-looking movement was offered on eBay. On careful inspection of the photographs we decided it was some sort of marriage. The bedplate and combs were clearly from an early Polyphon 15½” duplex. The arm containing the pressure bar appeared to be from a changer, although we did not recognise it as anything we had seen before. It had what appears to be a crocodile’s head cast into the end.........


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This, That and t’Other
by Arthur Cunliffe
Having spent many years researching musical boxes one is tempted to conclude there is nothing new, and we have seen it all. I assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible to have a list of boxes from the same maker with a long list of consecutive serial numbers all of which seem to be following a very specific production plan, then suddenly in the middle of this list there turns up a box that is so different it is difficult even to believe that they came from the same source...