Robin Timms Tunes


The late Robin Timms, a member of MBSGB, was a Church Organist, Choirmaster, Singing Teacher and also the only person in the UK who arranged lots of new tunes for the 11 inch (28cm) Polyphon.
He mostly arranged directly from the sheet music and composed two tunes himself especially to be punched on these discs. It has been felt that his work was rather unique and important and worth preserving in some way.
Over the past 30 years the discs were punched by Patch Pierce and now Lester Jones (Renaissance Discs), who has master discs for most of these 94 tunes. Kevin McElhone acquired most, but not all, of his self-arranged discs from the executors of his estate and has recorded all of these tunes for others to enjoy. Kevin also has some of the discs for sale.  Contact details for Kevin and Lester Jones can be found on the links page.
Robin's work on these tunes is detailed in a series of three articles in The Music Box Summer, Autumn and Winter 1981.

So far there are 5 titles missing from these recordings so if you have any of the missing discs, Kevin would be grateful if you could send in recordings so this work may be made completed.  The missing disc numbers are - 9002, 9026, 9077, 9084, 9089.

To listen to each tune just click on the "Play" arrow >, on the bar below the tune title, making sure your computer sound is ON.

9001 Blow the Wind Southerly. 
9002 Sesame Street. Sunny Days.
9003 New Moon. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise.
9004 Sesame Street. Oh how I Miss My X!
9005 Where the Bee Sucks.
9006 To Daisies.
9007 The Parade of the Tin Soldiers.
9008 Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal.
9009 Blue Skies
9010 The Mikado. Tit Willow.
9011 Oliver. Pick a Pocket or Two.
9012 A Roving
9013 Old Turf Fire.
9014 She's like the Swallow.
9015 The Stripper.
9016 The Trout.
9017 None but the Weary Heart.
9018 The Water of Tyne.
9019 The Streams of Lovely Nancy.
9020 Ding Dong Merrily on High. 
9021 Rinaldo. Let Me Lament.
9022 The Wizard of Oz. Somewhere over the Rainbow.
9023 Moonlight.
9024 Bard of Eve.
9025 Loved with Everlasting Love. (Robin Timms composition)
9026 Gestillte Sehnsucht.
9027 South Pacific. Some Enchanted Evening.
9028 In the Garden.
9029 San Toy. A.B.C.
9030 The Arcadians. Arcady is ever Young.
9031 The Arcadians. The Pipes of Pan.
9032 The Arcadians. The Girl with a Brogue.
9033 The Arcadians. Somewhere.
9034 The Arcadians. Charming Weather.
9035 Sesame Street. You Know How.
9036 Sesame Street. Reach your Hand up High.
9037 Who Believed in You?
9038 The Arcadians. All Down Piccadily.
9039 The Arcadians. Come back to Arcady.
9040 Samoan Samba.
9041 The Toreador. Keep off the Grass.
9042 A Country Girl. Yo Ho, Little Girls.
9043 The Bells of Corneville. Legend of the Bells.
9044 The Quaker Girl. A Quaker Girl.
9045 The Quaker Girl. Come to the Ball.
9046 A Country Girl. My Own Little Girl.
9047 A Country Girl. The Pink Hungarian Band.
9048 The Arcadians. Half Past Two.
9049 San Toy. The One in the World.
9050 San Toy. The Little China Maid.
9051 San Toy. Samee Gamee.
9052 San Toy. A Post from over the Sea.
9053 San Toy. Six Little Wives.
9054 The Bullfrog
9055 The Taste of Manna.
9056 Bird without Nest.
9057 Sparks of Peace.
9058 The Geisha. Star of My Soul.
9059 The Geisha. Love, Love.
9060 San Toy. The Mandarin.
9061 San Toy. Pynka Pong.
9062 San Toy. Seaward the Breeze is Blowing.
9063 San Toy. The Whole Story.
9064 San Toy. The Emperor's Own.
9065 San Toy. Courtly Creatures.
9066 San Toy. Little China Ladies. 
9067 Crappy Latours Capers. (Robin Timms composition)
9068 The Salley Gardens.
9069 Greensleeves.
9070 Lovely Joan.
9071 San Toy. Farewell to My Quiet Garden.
9072 San Toy. We'll keep the Feast.
9073 San Toy. When You are Wed to Me.
9074 San Toy. entrance of English Visitors.
9075 Say, Persianna, Say.
9076 The Yeoman of the Guard. I have a Song to Sing O.  
9077 Princess Ida. If Kindly Death.
9078 I saw from the Beach
9079 The Gondoliers. Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes.
9080 Turtle Dove.
9081 San Toy. Sometimes Y.
9082 San Toy. Back to London
9083 One Night as I lay on My Bed.
9084 Jabberwocky. Foxtrot.
9085 Nymphs and Shepherds.
9086 The Banks of Sweet Primroses.
9087 The King and I. Getting to Know You.
9088 The King and I. We Kiss in a Shadow.
9089 Nesting Time.
9090 Florodora. I've an Inkling.
9091 Florodora. Flowers a-blooming so Gay.
9092 Florodora. The Queen of the Philippine Islands.
9093 Florodora. I want to be a Military Man.
9094 The Violet of Montmartre