The A D Cunliffe Cylinder Musical Box Register


This Register of cylinder musical boxes has been compiled by its originator, Arthur Cunliffe, over a period of more than 40 years, and contains details of almost 11,000 individual cylinder musical boxes. These details include, where known, the make, type, date, serial and gamme numbers, musical repertoire, dimensions and descriptions of the boxes, with additional notes of any unusual features. Maintained by the Registrar of the Musical Box Society of Great Britain, it is a unique record of the data, and is not only an invaluable research tool, but can assist with reporting and recovering stolen property. From the information held it is often possible to determine the date and make of a box, if this is otherwise unknown, place of manufacture, and to identify the tunes where a tune sheet is lacking.

Please note: registration is anonymous in that no record is kept of the person owning/ registering the box.

To register a box and obtain its unique identifying registration number, ……

Send the completed form to:
The Registrar
c/o Grange Musical Collection
Old Bury Road
Palgrave, DISS
IP22 1AZ
The form has been supplied as a Word document and as a PDF file or an on-line form below.

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