Enjoy mechanical music without even owning an instrument! There is no restriction on membership.

The MBSGB affords the opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded enthusiasts, who enjoy sharing their passion and love of mechanical musical instruments. Members have the opportunity to receive advice on collecting and disposing of items, valuations and restoration. They will also receive a free copy of all four quarterly editions of the Society’s journal, The Music Box, along with a CD of all back issues of Vols 1 -22 (1962 - 2008). They are entitled to attend any Society meetings, vote in Society elections and participate in the Annual Society Auction. In addition members may seek information from the A D Cunliffe Musical Box Register, and the MBSGB’s own archive. Through the Society they will gain access to many private collections, and have the opportunity to participate in specially arranged visits, with the chance to listen to instruments not normally played to the general public. The Society facilitates networking with like-minded enthusiasts, both in this country and abroad, opportunities for mentoring and sharing expertise and attending presentations by specialists. By becoming a member, you will learn more about this fascinating subject and be able to share the simple enjoyment of them.


Membership fees per year:

United Kingdom £27.00

Europe & Near East £32.00

Rest of the World Air Mail £38.00 Surface mail £34

Two people at the same address (UK only) £33

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Members Section

NOTE - This section requires a password available form the Membership Secretary.  See your latest copy of The Music Box for contact details.  The password may change from time to time.