The Musical Box Society of Great Britain was formed in 1962 to foster a greater appreciation of musical boxes, and other forms of mechanical music or self-playing instruments.

Some of its founding members were internationally well known in their field: e.g. Arthur Ord-Hume and Cyril de Vere Green. Its first president, John T Clarke, wrote the very first general book about musical boxes; others (Graham Webb, David Tallis, H A V Bulleid to name a few) along with Arthur Ord-Hume producing guides to collecting, identifying and repairing or restoring them.

Since 2000 the Society has published a number of books related to mechanical music. Its international membership now numbers several hundreds.

It also maintains links with sister organisations throughout the world.


The primary aim of the MBSGB is to promote interest in and a greater appreciation of all forms of mechanical music and self-playing instruments, to maintain and encourage research and to foster best practice in repair and conservation.

It does this by maintaining its own Archive and providing opportunities to share experience and knowledge through meetings, special visits and publishing a
full-colour magazine four times a year.