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The Society Journal - The Music Box

The Musical Box Society of Great Britain publishes a full-colour magazine four times a year. 40 – 44 pages long, it carries a wide variety of articles, news and items of interest on a range of topics. Many written by internationally recognised experts in their field, these may include rare or unusual musical boxes and/or other mechanical instruments, restoration tips and techniques, reports and notifications of events, including meetings and sales, places of interest to visit, Society news and reviews, and a regular review of publications from other mechanical music organisations. It also carries a ‘Classified Ads’ section. Free to members of MBSGB.

Back issues available at £3 each plus P&P.

Binders for The Music Box - £12.00 for 2 plus P&P

There is also a CD of Volumes 1 – 20 (1962 – 2006)


Other Publications

Over the past 15 years the Society has published a number of books, most of which are still in print, and available exclusively through MBSGB. These are valuable reference works for the collector or enthusiast and serious researcher alike.

Musical Box Tune Sheets

Originally published in 2000, this 153-page A5 size book contains images of 216 musical box tune sheets (‘cards’), described and identified by H A V Bulleid, along with dating charts and other information. Since its publication, four supplements compiled by Anthony Bulleid and Tim Reed, to include revisions to the dating charts, and three Search Engines by Luuk Goldhoorn, have been published, with details and images of now over 500 sheets. This is an invaluable aid to identifying the maker of a cylinder box. Available exclusively from MBSGB as a complete package for £10.00 plus P&P or, please enquire at for information on obtaining individual elements of this library.


The Nicole Factor in Mechanical Music

by A D Cunliffe, P Bellamy and R Ison

Published in 2006 with 252 pages A4 size, this is a concise history of the Nicole family’s involvement in and development of the cylinder musical box industry during the 19th century.

Price £40.00 plus P&P


Street Musicians on Postcards

compiled and edited by P Bellamy

This 108 page publication from 2008 contains a collection of 19th and 20th century picture post cards recounting the history of the post card and story of an itinerant organ grinder.

Price £8.00 plus P&P


The Organette Book

by Kevin McElhone

(Celebrating Musical Box Society of Great Britain’s 40th anniversary)
A concise listing of all known self-playing portable reed organs. Over 560 models, 440 pages, 770 pictures and diagrams, including colour section. Tuning scales, restoration tips, history of makers and much more.

Price £40.00 plus P&P


The Disc Musical Box Book

by Kevin McElhone

Published in the MBSGB 50th anniversary year, this 500+ page A4 size book is a compendium of information about disc musical boxes, their makers and their music. It is profusely illustrated throughout, and complemented by a DVD of catalogue scans, lists of models, patents and tune lists and additional illustrations. Kevin McElhone was prompted to compile this book by his own observation that such a work would be invaluable to someone thinking of starting a collection. Now exclusively available from Kevin directly.

Price £50 plus P&P