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Archive of the Society's journal The Music Box now available on-line.

A collector in the USA needs to get measurements and more photos of the characters and furniture in order to complete a restoration project.  If you have ANY information about the location of another example, please contact us -

Film: Automatic Dreams

Filmmaker Florence Kennard has completed her short film about musical boxes, entitled Automatic Dreams. Produced with financial assistance from MBSGB and many of its members, it conveys the timeless magic of cylinder musical boxes. It features footage shot in the Reuge factory, and commentary partly from Jean Claude Piguet. The film has already been highly acclaimed, and has led to a feature on Swiss musical boxes on the BBC website.


Tune Sheet Book Fourth Supplement

The Musical Box Society of Great Britain has just published a Fourth Supplement to H A V Bulleid’s The Tune Sheet Book. This 80 page booklet in full colour brings the data on cylinder musical box tune sheets compiled by Anthony Bulleid and Tim Reed up to date with an additional 114 different examples, by kind permission of sister Society the Musical Box Society International in whose journal, Mechanical Music, most have previously been published.

Available free on request to all existing owners of the original book. The original book and all four supplements may be bought for £10 plus P&P (Original published price £18. See Publications page for more details.)